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Top Three Tips to Get the Most from Your Advisory Board

June 26, 2017, 5:19 PM | Posted By: Tom Schumann

As we review best-practices at CEI, the creation and management of an advisory board that provides a well-rounded sounding board for our clients rises toward the top.

We are not talking about the formal Board of Directors who are responsible for the governance of the company and is typically composed of the founders and investors in the company.  As the name implies, an advisory board is created to advise the founders in subject matter areas where they may be lacking knowledge and skills.  In the article linked to this message we talked with Jean Ekobo, CEO of BioNovelus, an ecofriendly agriculture fungicide. We explore how he uses his board of advisors to guide his strategic vision, to fill critical knowledge gaps, and to leverage a network of connections.

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CEI Celebrates Client Wins

April 13, 2017, 12:49 PM | Posted By: Tom Schumann

How do successful incubators track and report their success and impact on the communities in which they live? Simple; the stories of achievment of milestones and the success of the people, the business heros and champions, who put it all on the line to succeed.  I want to share these current stories of our client successes as they compete for grant opportunities and as they achieve significant milestones along their growth paths.  Here are few example of the stories we get to share when CEI clients emerge as successful operating companies ...