How To Hire People Quickly: 7 Hiring Tips For Fast Growing Companies

How To Hire People Quickly - 7 Hiring Tips For Fast Growing CompaniesTalent capital is vital in a fast-growing company; however, with the average time-to-fill sitting at just over a month—36 days!—talent acquisition can be a growth hindrance.

Talent acquisition can also be a burden without the proper systems, considering the labor-intensive and time-consuming hiring process.

Don’t let hiring hurdles slow your company’s growth. Learn from these seven hiring experts to inform your hiring strategy. 

  • Embrace Employee Referrals
  • Automate Hiring Tasks
  • Start With Your Network
  • Reach Out To A Recruiter
  • Always Be Recruiting
  • Clarify The Role
  • Use Tests Benchmarked On Your Superstars

Embrace Employee Referrals 

Leverage your already talented team to bring in people they trust and offer incentives for making the referral. It’s far more efficient to have your team recommend a candidate than to start from scratch with a brand new candidate.

Zack McCarty, Qwick

Automate Hiring Tasks 

Speed is everything in high-volume recruiting—especially for rapidly growing companies. Competition in high-growth industries is fierce. Employers who respond with an interview and follow up with an employment offer almost always snag the best people. Candidate experience and speed are what matters most when hiring talent quickly. To move fast without sacrificing experience, companies need to automate tasks like screening and scheduling interviews using a recruiting AI assistant.  

Jessica Rush, Chief Talent Officer, Paradox

Start With Your Network 

It is important to keep your LinkedIn page and connections up-to-date. This is a great resource to build and keep track of your network. It’s always a lot easier to hire someone in your network that you already know. People within your network can also recommend other great candidates. LinkedIn is also a great way that candidates can find you.

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Reach Out To A Recruiter 

Reach out to an executive recruiting agency to quickly fill roles if your company is growing at a rapid pace. Employers embarking upon the executive search process should rely on a recruiting agency to identify the best candidates for the job. A recruiting agency will focus on securing the best industry talent for partners seeking to quickly onboard and integrate new professionals into their workforce. Some agencies, such as ours, can even ensure a smooth and successful contract negotiation with a prospective candidate. Reaching out to a recruiting agency will ensure that you are hiring the right candidates quickly and efficiently. 

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie

Always Be Recruiting 

The best approach for quick hiring is to always be recruiting. By keeping a pulse on talent and fostering relationships at all times, you will have a pipeline of potential candidates when you need them. This could look like quarterly conversations to keep up on their career growth, offering freelance and contract opportunities to keep them warm, or even ongoing mentorship. It all comes down to timing on both sides, but a warm candidate is better than a cold one. 

Jenn Christie, Markitors

Clarify The Role 

You will waste time, get frustrated, and spend more money in the long run if you don’t clarify the role and what is required. Most importantly, you may not get the right people who fit your culture. Take the time to know what you really need versus what would be nice. Craft a job description but do not use that for the job posting. I always encourage my clients to use a "knock-out" question to weed out those who truly aren’t qualified so that they can focus their energy sorting through and screening viable candidates. This streamlines the process and ensures you will get the right people in the right places quickly.

Lorraine Bossé-Smith, Concept One LLC

Use Tests Benchmarked On Your Superstars

Have your best-performing employees take a behavior test and mental abilities test. Use their scores as benchmarks. Then, test applicants and focus on hiring applicants who get the same test scores as your superstar employees. 

Michael Mercer, Mercer Systems

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