CEI Clients Work to Combat Problems Caused By The COVID-19 Outbreak

As many businesses start reopening their doors for the first time since March, our clients have continued to work around the clock to keep their startups on-track. Although CEI has been closed to the public, much of the research and technology being developed at the Center is considered essential. In fact, many of our resident entrepreneurs have pivoted their operations to focus on solving COVID-19 related problems. Keep reading to learn about the incredible efforts our community is making to combat the Coronavirus outbreak. 


bioSyntagma worked with P2 Diagnostics (a joint-venture between Paradigm Laboratories and Prorenata Labs) to develop a unique diagnostic assay securing a supply chain that enabled them to obtain materials needed for testing on a massive scale. Through their combined efforts, the test to screen for COVID-19 launched on March 30th and they were able to process 5000 tests per day. Read more about their efforts in The Phoenix Business Journal.


Desert Platforms is sourcing ventilators that are no longer serviced, but can be repaired to working conditions with the right components. With expertise in the medical device industry, they know where to find the necessary supplies and can get a ventilator in working condition for a fraction of the cost that it takes to produce a new unit. 


Botanisol Analytics builds portable, high performance disease screening systems and has accelerated testing of their portable COVID-19 risk scanner. Their system will be simple to administer, portable and can deliver results in under 10 minutes. Once completed, their software can be updated to screen for future viruses.

Flora Coatings big logo.png

Flora Coatings has invented and globally patented a smart, transparent coating called INVESIL, which contains nanotechnology capable of killing pathogens including viruses on immediate contact or trapping microbes in the solidified coating surface. This high-tech coating could help preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens when applied to commonly-touched surfaces in medical settings.


They have also developed a premium, alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Most hand sanitizers are made of Isopropanol which is considered toxic to skin on regular use. Flora Coating’s SANDAL hand sanitizer uses extra pure ethanol and isopropanol, along with other natural ingredients and essential oils to mitigate the toxic effect of solvents on the skin. Unlike other commercial products, this product won’t crack or damage skin after repeated use. You can order it now on Amazon.


Neolight is loaning Skylife Phototherapy Systems so that babies can be treated for jaundice outside of the hospital to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19, prevent readmission, and alleviate some of the strain caused by neonatal units/ICUs closing in some places. 

There’s no denying that we are all heading into a future full of uncertainty. But knowing that there are brilliant, dedicated scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs doing everything they can to save lives and combat the COVID-19 outbreak gives us great hope. 

CEI and the Maricopa Community Colleges have always been committed to fostering innovation in Arizona — and this is why. When we create environments for entrepreneurship to flourish and we support each other through difficult times, we can solve the world’s biggest problems faster, together.

Amanda Mollindo Amanda Mollindo
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